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As the meals follow one another, your child will become more proficient in the art of feeding themselves independently, but chances are that not all the food you serve will end up in their mouth. In fact, it's likely that a good portion of their meal ends up on the floor or all over your baby's surrounding area. Mealtime mess is inevitable, especially if you let your baby feed on their own. That means you need the right tools to minimize mess and to keep things clean and hygienic. You'll definitely want to invest in some high-quality bibs to help catch excess food and keep your child (and their cute outfit) clean.


Our food grade silicone bibs are available in many colors as well as different patterns. Also, to properly meet the needs you will have when introducing food, our bibs have useful and sought-after features. Here are a few :


Waterproof. If you want to avoid large messes and stubborn stains on your bibs as much as possible, choose a material like silicone that does not absorb food or liquids to avoid the sponge effect of textiles. In itself, silicone is a material that can be wiped off easily. With the food-grade silicone, you won't have to worry about cleanup, as it's non-porous and very easy to rinse off. When you want to get a deep clean, just use warm water and soap or pop your bib in the dishwasher. And there you have it, hard to ask for something better!


Soft and flexible. The bib you choose will constantly rub on your baby's neck and skin. We know that these small skins can often be sensitive and that is exactly the reason why we want to take care of them. This means that you should opt for a material that is soft to the touch and preferably flexible. On the other hand, if you choose a rough or itchy bib material, your baby will likely try to rip it off as soon as he get a chance.


Adjustable neck. Babies are constantly growing. They grow too fast! From there, our corporate mission is to offer evolutive products and this is also one of the recognized features of our silicone bibs. To avoid having to change your bibs to suit your child, we offer bibs with an adjustable size. More specifically, the neckband of all our bibs is adjustable so that they can be used from 4 months to 3 years old. A useful, durable and minimalist investment!


Catcher pocket. Some bibs are only there to protect your baby's clothes from damage caused by the meal served to your child. For our part, we believe it is important to take things a little further and that is why our bibs are equipped with a pocket capable of recovering leftover food and sparing baby's clothes as much as possible. As the fallen food is there, it simplifies the clean-up, once mealtime is over.


Maximized protection. During the introduction of foods and baby led-weaning, it is not uncommon for babies to explore foods by constantly throwing them. So, since mealtime can get very messy and synonymous with laundry buildup, a bib that provides maximum protection helps keep your child and their surroundings clean.