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Our engagements

As a company working in the field of children's products, we consider it essential to offer significant support to the community by providing our assistance to Canadian organizations. The support we give primarily reflects our values. For us, social responsibility is a fundamental value and we believe that the development of our activities as well as the communities where we operate go hand in hand.  

Since the beginning of our professional activities, we have joined forces with those of various organizations to find solutions to the challenges that affect the communities around us. 

Our current implications

Currently, our involvement is described in a partnership established with the Breakfast Club for which we are committed to donating 2% of our profits for each order. 

At the end of our agreement, we will donate the total amount to the Breakfast Club to support their mission, which is detailed below.


In other words, the objective of our commitment is to promote equal opportunities. 


Present across Canada, the Breakfast Club helps feed more than 257,000 Canadian children in 1,887 schools across the country. The Club's approach makes it possible to offer much more than just breakfast to children, based on commitment, valuation and the development of capacities in an optimal formula adapted to local needs. On our 25th anniversary in 2019, we are proud to have received our Imagine Canada accreditation, recognition of our dedication to our mission: to contribute to the good nutrition of children to give them an equal chance of success.  

To help families dealing with food insecurity during the pandemic, the Breakfast Club has supported more than 1,000 schools and community organizations across the country. Thanks to emergency allowances given to local organizations, different means of distribution allow families to receive food - some provide food baskets, others backpacks filled with prepared meals, or take-out bags distributed in schools or even grocery gift cards. Many solutions have been created, each adapted to the needs and capacities of its community.  


Learn more on their website at or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

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