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1-2-3... Play!

Needless to say that the game is a serious activity for our minis, it is an opportunity for them to have fun, to develop, to acquire new intellectual and motor skills, but it is also a time when they can let their imagination run free. 


All of our toys are distinct from each other, but surprisingly they have one thing in common: they are safe and evolutive.  


Here are some tips from our team to guide you in toy selection:  


Toys by age group. The first thing you need to make sure before buying a toy for your baby is that it is of the correct age range. This is also important if you plan to buy a toy as a gift for a child close to you.  


Safety standards. In order to choose a suitable and safe option for your child, it is essential to take into consideration the manufacturer's recommendations as well as to consider the state of your child's development. Even if you determine that your child's overall development is early and advanced for his age, it's best not to take the risk!  


Foster creativity. Toys that don't stimulate the imagination can be boring for babies. Children love to pretend play, so be sure to opt for toys that can encourage this type of game and can also have multiple functions.


Promote motor development. Try to find different types of toys that involve more motor and fine motor skills. It doesn't have to be bright and noisy toys. Instead, consider toys that require special attention and build confidence and hand-eye coordination.  


Evolutionary toys. Raising a baby is expensive and so is buying toys. Take the time to research toys that will actually grow with your baby as they age so you don't have to replace them every year with newer toys.


Care and usage. As your child often plays on the floor and puts everything in his mouth, it is very important that the toys (and the floor) are washed very regularly. By opting for washable and durable materials such as silicone, you can be sure that your toys will stay clean. You can immerse them directly in water to clean them thoroughly and to disinfect them without risk. ​

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