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Our history

A dream, a commitment.

Quebec brand launched in 2019, KARAMEL ET CIE. aims to combine the useful with the pleasant. We want to simplify and beautify your daily life while protecting the environment with functional designs that are manufactured in an eco-responsible way.

Our story began with the intention of finding a dinnerware set that was durable, plastic-free and safe for our first child. Drawing on years of expertise in childhood development and entrepreneurship, we have deepened our research to find the best options for our products to be ergonomic, evolutive and to promote the development of autonomy and the acquisition of fine motor skills in children.  

Initially focused only on tableware, our expertise and our collections have grown over the years to include a whole set of sustainable, recyclable and conscientious items from our planet. Today, we stand out for our "Eat" and "Play" collections made from high quality food grade silicone. 

We offer more than a hundred products in a wide range of shapes and colors : practical objects with a timeless and inclusive style, eco-responsible and adapted to the reality of modern parenthood, both for home and outdoors.  

Welcome to our family's adventure!


Karolane Dubreuil

Founder of KARAMEL ET CIE. 



Offer a range of products for children that is evolutive, durable, safe and eco-responsible.


Create an opportunity for parents to consume intentionally by offering products that are minimalist, timeless, inclusive and that help create pleasant family memories.

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