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Press release

For release on January 27th 2023, 11AM

In line with our mission to promote accessibility to educational tools and to support the development of your little ones, it is with great pride that we announce the official reduction of our prices. Our objective? Beat inflation!

Intentionally, we decide to position ourselves against current market trends which indicate a significant increase in the consumer price index. Alignment with our values has guided our business decisions since we launched our company and we believe it has proven to be the best choice. For us, equal opportunity is a concept to which we will continue to attach great importance.

This BIG drop in price of our meal boxes is possible thanks to the expansion of the company which allows us to increase our production quantities and to stabilize our manufacturing costs.

Our mission remains to provide families with safe and durable products at an affordable price. That being said, rest assured that we continue to be in a process of innovation and continuous improvement in order to offer the best to your families, while engaging in a socially responsible way while contributing to our community.

Karolane Dubreuil

CEO and Founder

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